The sound files presented here are derived from the first torrent that was made available (1.15 GB, 224kbps) via, and which was of the entire broadcast.

We also made our own live recording of the broadcast from approximately 1am GMT, 3 March 2010 to the end of broadcast.

The files have been spliced in order to form approximately hour-long, digestible parts. They are of differing lengths in order to allow each audio clip to stand-alone as much as possible, rather than be arbitrarily spliced during a choice portion of the mix. When played in sequence, the MP3 downloads will provide gap-less playback between each segment, providing your media player settings are set accordingly.

Audio clips from 00:00:00 to 07:21:59 are from the original torrent; these files will download to provide 224kbps MP3 files.

The audio clip covering 06:44:47 to 07:35:56 is a joining of the original torrent’s file and our own recording, but will download to provide a 320kbps MP3 file.

Audio from 07:21:59 onwards is from our own live recording; these files will download to provide 320kbps MP3 files.

As the original broadcast was most likely streamed at 128kbps in mono, the only significance of the varying bit-rates of the MP3 downloads, is that those at 320kbps will be louder.

All files stream at 128kbps via Soundcloud


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  1. Caam said

    waooow amazing and I am delighted…I will miss the show in Copenhagen…but hope there will come another chance in the future.PEACE

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